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Individual Project: Blades of Narzul

Executive Summary

Blades of Narzul is the prototype of a third-person action-RPG with data-driven weapons. It focuses on incorporation of third party animation assets with action-oriented combat systems and tight, responsive controls.

Project Links

Coming Soon!

Project Details

Development Time - Pending


Engine - Unreal Engine 4

In Development

Design Objectives

Design Objectives

Tight, Responsive Controls - The primary goal is a game that feels good to play. Actions should be responsive and fluidly respond to inputs.


Fluid Movements - Animations should transition cleanly and support response to players. Heavy attacks should feel weighty, quick attacks light, etc. Animations can be pushed but should strive to retain aesthetic quality.


Meaningful Systems - Every element of gameplay should be meaningful and drive player decisions. If an action does not seem to be useful, refine or discard it.

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